Staffing Specialties

No industry is evolving as rapidly and as effectively as the creative field, where the proliferation of media and markets entail hiring skilled and experienced professionals, incorporating an impeccable blend of ingenuity imagination, and tech savvy. We, at Eham, are perfectly able to draw upon our potent network of game changing talent that we have acquired with our extensive years in the industry. Our highly proficient placement staff has vast experience in the fields that we recruit for, and they are highly motivated to matching the right individuals to your company, who have the potential to become key contributors to your team.

Leading communications and corporate marketing companies, publishers, public relations companies, and advertising ag envies are all part of the growing network of our esteemed client companies that rely on the services provided by Eham to cater to their needs for consulting, temporary, or full time professional.

  • The client visits Eham Office / make enquiry through online
  • The recruiters at Eham conduct meetings with the client to glean a comprehensive understanding of their unique business needs and come up with a tailored solution.
  • Eham publishes Newspapers ads and adverts on other sources to attract the best talent.
  • Eham Recruiters also seek to tap into its current pool of resources and find a suitable match
  • Eham representatives conduct a thorough background screening of potential short-listed applicants
  • Eham representatives conduct interviews of the short-listed candidates to check their suitability to your corporate culture and job tasks
  • A practical trade test is conducted for the short-listed candidates to gauge their aptness for the competitive job
  • An initial orientation is given to the short-listed candidates regarding the company.
  • SEham organizes medical check-ups of the short-listed candidates
  • After visa stamp processing and emigration paperwork clear up, your candidate finally leaves for Saudi Arabia



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